Lick a Sweet & Kick off your Health Issues

Lick a Sweet & Kick off your Health Issues

Sweets when taken on regular basis, are predominantly known for the ill effects it causes. But there is this sweet, which does magical benefits to your body if you eat it regularly.


Honey is considered as one of the major food component in today’s generation. It serves multiple beneficial purposes. Not only traditional, honey is also known for its medicinal values.

Some of the benefits of honey are as follows:

Honey is a highly superior alternative for sugar. Our body breaks down honey (in no time than sugar) into glucose and fructose. Unlike the nutrient barren refined sugar and synthetic mock sweeteners honey does not harm our body. For a natural humectant and cleanser there is no better pick up other than honey. It wipes out acne and exfoliates your skin and gives you a radiant and glowing look.

Though Honey is sacchariferous than sugar it requires low level of insulin and also has low glycemic index. It can be used as a substitute to sugar by diabetic (type II) patients. Honey is a congenial energy source. The carbohydrate in honey can be converted into glucose effortlessly. Thus it also improves athletic performance.

It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Drinking honey mixed with lukewarm water, empty stomach daily is a “no sweat” method of weight loss. Though honey being calories rich than sugar it can be easily broken down into simpler substances whereas the calorie void sugar and other sweeteners form a complex figures. Our body tired of breaking these will result in accumulation of fat and carbohydrate. Honey also has beneficial vitamins and minerals that aid weight loss.

Honey is one of the effective antiseptic. The pH of honey is acidic which favours its wound healing property and several bacteria that are present in honey from the stomach of honeybee are a backup to antibiotics. It is a strong immune booster. Its antioxidant and antibacterial property combats various diseases. Carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumour properties are recently recognised benefits of honey.

Therapeutic properties prevent cognitive decline and dementia, thus enhances memory power. Fructose speed up the oxidation level of alcohol by liver and acts as a “sobering agent” after hangover. Its antimicrobial properties cure sore throat. It is an excellent Probiotic. It has components that serves as food intestinal bacterias.


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