Sitaram Ayurveda - Jathyadi Ghrutham - 25g (Pack of 2)
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Sitaram Ayurveda - Jathyadi Ghrutham - 25g (Pack of 2)

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Net Weight: 50g
Brand: Sitaram Ayurveda
Category: Naattu Marundhu & Mooligai, Ayurveda, Ghritam
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Indications: Wounds, Piles, Anal fissure and fistula, Open wounds and bleeding piles etc.

Healing is inherent to the body. Multiple factors like improper blood circulation, varicosity, immunodeficiency and incompetent tissue repair mechanism can however disrupt this natural process. This leads to wounds that refuse to heal and diseases that become chronic.

Jatyadi ghrta is a traditional formulation that is used externally in restoring and reinforcing the body’s healing mechanism. Chronic ulcers, piles, fissure, fistula, wounds, bacterial and fungal infections, etc. are some of the areas that it finds extensive application in.

Ghee infused with the lekhana (cleansing) and ropana (healing) property of Jatipatra (Myristica fragrans), Kimsuka (Erythrina variegata), Parpatakah (Oldenlandia corymbosa), Mayurika (Achyranthes aspera), Bhadrika (Aerva lanata), Nirgundi (Vitex negundo), Durva (Cyanodon dactylon), Haridra (Curcuma longa), Daruharidra (Coccynium fenestratum), Tuatha (Purified copper sulphate) etc.
Beneficial in wound healing. Keeps away infection. Used for dressing all types of open lesions.
Used for external application in and around the anus in case of haemorrhoids. Relieves itching, pain and discomfort in the anal region.
Reduces swelling and congestion around the anal opening. Facilitates easy passage of stool.
Arrests bleeding, relieves pain and promotes healing in case of anal fissures and bleeding piles.
Used for healing in case of burns, ksharasootra therapy and various types of lesions.
Cleanses wounds, sloughs off dead tissue, and promotes blood circulation and growth of healthy tissue.

Quantity sufficient based on the area of application and the condition. In case of open wounds, fissures and cracks, sterile cotton swabs soaked in Jatyadi taila may be used.

Suitable for all ages.

JATI(Grasminum grandiflorum)PARPATAKA(Fumaria indica)MAYURIKA(Achyranthes aspera)BHADRIKA(Aerva lanata)NIRGUNDI(Vitex nigundo)YASHTIMADHU(Glycyrrhiza glabra)KRISHNA JEERAKA(Nigella sativa)HARIDRA(Curcuma longa)

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