Kind Attention... Dear Parents...

Kind Attention... Dear Parents...

Children are the most expensive asset a parent could ever possess. Their smile, their words, their actions and even their small mischievous behaviours light up our day so bright that anything beside falls dull.

Anyone of us would always want the well being of our children as our primary target. Their health and their happiness is our dialy goal. But trust me, I would say, it is definitely a goal which cannot be achieved unless you strive hard for it.

Being a mother of a 3 years old kid was like a typical roller coaster ride.

A lot of lessons learnt; practical, lesson from elders and also Google lessons. I am a person who only settles down for the best. When it is my child, I always want the best of the best for him. This thought made me get deep into every stuff I started doing for him. His clothes, accessories, toys, baby care products, food and everything else I purchased for him was literally after a small research. This took me into a new insight of the kids commercial world that I haven't seen before. Yes, COMMERCIAL WORLD EXCLUSIVELY FOR KIDS.

Have you ever noticed? Any kids stuff when compared with a similar adult product, you will find the kids stuff costlier. This is because, these marketeers know that hardly any parent would settle down with a cheaper product when it comes to their kid. When this is the scenario, there was one thing that actually surprised me, to be more exact, I was shocked. It was about baby food. I felt, when there was a lot of care taken for other aspects of child development, slight negligence was made when it came to their food.

In a popular kids store, under the fast moving category, I saw banana-avacado smoothie for infants, bright cream coloured three days post the mfg date (plus 4 more days for expiry). When I make the similar one at home, half an hour later, it looks brown. Preservatives works good in the former. What are these preservatives made of? Defined not the one you would be pleased to give your kid. No discoloration of apple bites in a popular infant food, biscuits even if you store for a month, would still stay the same.

Preservatives work everywhere. That's when I decided not to give any of these to my kid. And there began my journey to explore healthy kids food world. I started preparing my baby's at home. From scratch to snack, everything HOMEMADE. Apple purees, carrot juices etc. But your kid still needs a lot more nutrition. SARA HOME FACTORY was a boon at that point.

They make Health mix for kids that are extremely nutrilicious. The taste plus love and care is exactly like home made. In the stage of food introduction to your infant, their ROASTED RICE HEALTH MIX is an apt choice. Rice as base ingredient with fried gram and fennel makes it the best choice to start with (even if there is a left over, you can eat it, it is yummm...)

Their multi-grain and multi-millet health mix can be the best breakfast choice from infants to adult. With the goodness of traditional grains and millets along with a lot of almonds and cashew and heavenly aroma of cardamom, it is the best food you could give your loved ones.

Even today, for my three years old boy, I give these health mixes as breakfast and evening snack. So far I couldn't find a healthier and tastier alternative.

Preparing these food might consume a little more of your time than giving readymade food. But the time and the peace of mind you lose when your child falls sick is harder than this. Therefore, lets think wise and make the right choice for our little loved ones.

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