Live Life Like our Ancestors

Live Life Like our Ancestors

Change is the only change that never changes. We see a lot of changes around us. Man keeps getting smarter day by day. What was there a decade back is completely out of syllabus now. Every day takes a giant leap. Basic Nokia has been replaced by smart touch Androids, books replaced by kindle, street games replaced by PSPs, gang meetings replaced by whats app groups, we see swaps and replacements everywhere.

Have these replacements been a complete boon to us? The answer is definitely a big NO. These alternates might have made a lives easier but it has also made us lazier. There is a common saying "This gen kids are smarter but are comparatively growing WEAKER". Why is the scenario so? FOOD CHANGE is the answer to this common question that has been constantly bothering us.

Our ancestors ate to satisfy their health needs but our food today satisfies only our taste buds. Most of the food we eat are nutrient-void. There are many trails that has let us inside this pit. Some of them are:

Food- processing

To increase the shelf life of food, it undergoes a lot of processing. Chemical additives are also added as a preservative. These not only cut- down the nutrient values but also has adverse effect on our body.

Foreign crops

There are a lot of foreign food plants introduced that has made it impossible for us to segregate it from the native ones.
The crops that naturally grows in a particular locality will suit that natives based on the topography and climatic conditions of that region. Whereas foreign crops will have mild or adverse health effects.

Junks and packed foods

To make the lazy generation of today even more lazier and sicker, there are a lot of packed and junks available. These final products are cheaper than the groceries. This is only possible when only low grade products are used to manufacture these. We should be smart enough to reject a product if it is cheaper too.

Admist all these, how does one get good food?

Old is Gold.. Take the paths led by our ancestors

* Eat home-made foods

* Include native crops like ragi, kambu, thinai, saamai etc in your daily diet

* Replace your white sugar with Honey, karupatti, vellam etc

* Avoid junks and packed, instead swap it with health mixes

* Choose your cooking powders wisely. Check for the one which is free from adulterants

* Buy preservative-free food

* Peanut burfi and sesame balls can be given to children instead of chocolates

* Nuts and dry fruits can be taken as snacks instead of chips and biscuits

* Look for home-made, preservative free jams, sauces and spreads

Choosing healthier food is choosing healthier lifestyle. Therefore choose wise.

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